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As the national sponsor of Startup Weekend, Massey always looks forward to the events in it’s own stomping ground. Auckland is particularly important to us because it’s home to the ecentre, the university’s business incubator.

Being part of the innovation ecosystem is really important – being able to connect and collaborate with others, to share ideas, provide support, and build networks are all part of the recipe for entrepreneurial success.

Kiwis have a long cultural history of being independent but no one can start a world-beating innovative business by themselves. That’s why we love Startup Weekend so much – fundamentally it’s about meeting new people.

The early stages of developing an innovative idea can be tough – mentally, emotionally and financially. Success ultimately comes from collaborating with a range of networks, cross-fertilising across different industries and exposing yourself and your ideas to a diverse range of people.

Coming up with an idea on your own is one thing; successfully commercialising internationally is another. Massey has many academics researching what creates an innovative culture and what makes a small company or a startup more likely to be successful, especially when it comes to taking an idea global.

Pulling together the right team, having the right networks and developing a culture of collaboration always comes to the fore. So we’d encourage all the competitors in this weekend’s Startup Weekend to be open with their ideas and their feedback.

Every year we are amazed by the ideas that get pitched at Startup Weekend – and we know with the right support and team behind them anything is possible. If you’re lucky you may just meet your future business partner; either way, you’re sure to meet people who will be able to help you out in some way down the track.

It’s always fantastic to connect with the entrepreneurial community in Auckland and, on the North Shore especially, Massey aims to be the centre of an innovation hub.

Visit the ecentre if you have an idea you need validated – they’ll mentor you throught the process. And we often host local businesses for networking opportunities and we’d invite you to come along – interesting things always happen when academics and business people meet.

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