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Vend’s 3 Tips to Starting a Startup


Tip 1. Get exposure to a startup.

Startup life can look glamorous from the outside. Hacking solution, late nights, networking, raising capital… the list goes on, and it is cool, but hard and you need to have the right Hemoglobin in your blood to put up with all the exhausting side affects or startup life.

Before you start you own startup journey, get involved in someone else’s. You can make sure you have it in your blood. Better than that you can learn from the inside, make some mistakes, watch others make mistakes and learn learn learn. Then when you start your own thing you are a few more page in on the startup book. (Try Vend, we’re hiring!)

Tip 2. Make sure you are passionate about something to do with the startup.

If you are just passionate about late nights, bad coffee, and networking, then that is not enough. You have to care about what you are doing. Maybe changing the world, customers lives, or doing something that is really trail-blazing and pushing the envelope using new tools in a better way. If you just want the buzz then it’s for the wrong reason.

Tip 3. Talk to a lot of people about your idea.

Not everyone will like it, hell most probably wont. They may not even like the idea of you quitting your day job, especially if it is your wife. But if you can talk to a lot of people with passion, and get your idea shot down or praised, get feedback on it good and bad, and know how to use all that to make your idea better – then that is a very valuable first step. If you start to lose faith, then it probably wasn’t the right idea. And you start again.

Vaughan Rowsell, CEO Vend and Startup Weekend Judge at past events