The Teams as at 10pm Saturday night!


Wow, what a day! More pivots, name changes, concept flips – not to mention an implosion or two – that you can poke a stick at. It has been a tough day for many, ideas dying and new ones starting, facing the tough reality of customers not saying what you expect and the uncomfortable feeling of trying something new.

That said, the teams are in great shape going into their first practice pitch with the mentors.

Here are the teams as they currently stand:

Garden Genie: – your perfect personal gardening companion

Ripplr: – instant feedback with your phone

Handpicked: – connecting people and ethical food

The Roster: – making it easy for schools to find relief teachers

More Moorings: – parking for your boat

Mystery Box – wait for it!

Leadfoot: – Gamifying safe driving

CrocLoc: – safety for your laptop

Combinr: – Connecting students and businesses

Pop Up Parking: – parking near your gig

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