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By Matthew Miller,, Mogul Limited is a new cloud-based social media display wall developed in New Zealand by Mogul Limited.

We’re proud to be supporting Startup Weekend Auckland because we’re a startup too and we know how hard it is. We also know it’s really exciting to start your own company – especially when you see the buzz and energy that comes from getting your brand active in social media.

That’s where comes in – it aggregates social media updates from the world’s favourite social networking sites and displays them in a beautiful, constantly-moving interface of text messages and images.

And people are starting to take notice of The product has already featured with great success at a number of major national and international events, including accounting software company Xero’s conferences in San Francisco and London. recently won the Gen-I Business Breakthrough Award at the 2013 Westpac Hawke’s Bay Chamber of Commerce Business Awards, and last month was a finalist in the New Zealand Innovators Awards.

We made because we had been to a lot of events and we knew how great it can be when people use social media at an event; it makes it an event a lot more interactive and fun and creates a lot of buzz.  But when you’re at the event the social media experience can be chaotic and fragmented. It’s very difficult to get an overview of the many conversations that are occurring from moment to moment and you need to be looking down at your device to see it (i.e. not engaging socially with other attendees).

Some people post to Facebook, others to Twitter or Instagram. Some people use a hashtag, some don’t, and often the same event will have more than one hashtag going at the same time. And if people are posting photos, it can be difficult and time-consuming to collate the photos for sharing and displaying them. solves these problems by bringing all the updates from the different social networks together, and presents them in a beautiful interface on a big screen, so that viewing the images and reading the updates becomes a shared experience.

Because it displays the updates in real time, Streama is especially good for live events like conferences, concerts, and sports events. Attendees are much more motivated to join the conversation, share a thought, or upload a photo. Events with become more fun and interactive, and are likely to get more exposure in social networks from the extra activity. is a cloud-based software as a service, so users can try the product for free from anywhere, any time.


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