Startup Weekend winner targets tourists


Massey University announces Auckland Startup Weekend winners

An ecommerce platform that delivers supplies and products to tourists’ hotel rooms has taken out an oversubscribed Auckland Startup Weekend.

Called Arrive Supplied, the newly-formed startup company came up with a range of concepts for boxes of useful products for international tourists. These include a Beach Box, Baby Box, Business Box and Local Experience Box.

The team of five bright guys formed, created a prototype, validated their business, perfected their pitch and wowed the judges in just 54 hours. They hope to attract potential channel partners like SkyCity and Air New Zealand.

The People’s Choice Award, which is sponsored by Massey University, was won a female-led group called Wedding Advisors.

Massey Associate Professor Marco Van Gelderen, who attended the event as a roving mentor, including to some of his own students, said the Arrive Supplied team put a lot of effort into relationship building.

“The team won partly because they had been very pro-active and successful in establishing partnerships with existing organisations,” he said.

Dr Marco Van Gelderen believes Massey’s role as a national sponsor of Startup Weekend is a good fit for the university.

“It’s a great event for Massey to be involved in. It allows people to work from an entrepreneurial idea to a fully-working operational model in just 54 hours.

“One way of achieving this is connecting people with different skill sets. Participants register as a programmer, designer, or general business person. These three groups may not normally interact that much so bringing these skill sets together is a very powerful method of driving innovation.”

Arrive Supplied won a Microsoft BizSpark package worth $10,000, which included three years of free Azure cloud hosting; $10,000 advertising credit from TradeMe; a Xero subscription; and an ecentre Sprint programme worth $15,000.

Judge Candace Kinser also surprised the event with tickets for the winning team to Technology Innovation Week.

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The Auckland event was 100 per cent oversubscribed and a second Auckland Startup Weekend has been booked for November to meet demand.