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More Women than Ever Before at Auckland Startup Weekend


Auckland Startup Weekend 2013 is Rocking Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a week today and yep, Auckland Startup Weekend Sunday – is it. Ach! you might say but not so. Your mom’s, sisters, partners and daughters have decided that this year, instead of sitting in bed eating cold, runny eggs cooked by a 5 year old, they will build a business, or code, or design an app with a bunch of cool people who can articulate above grade school level. It’s OK. It’s better than OK. It rocks!

Kudos to all the women who are making Auckland Startup Weekend a priority. Good for you for taking the day that honours mothers to honour yourself and do what you love to do. Whether you are coming to code, create, market or validate, this weekend you will do what women with children crave, to know life outside of the family.  We are delighted you recognise that you have the other 362 days of the year to hang out with those guys.

Speaking of which, guys, you have a part to play here too. Mothering and guilt are frequently synonymous terms. Mothers are notoriously good at feeling guilty. Treat your mother/daughter/sister/partner this mother’s day to a guilt free weekend of geek indulgence. Let her know it is OK. Don’t just give her the weekend off to be a geek – insist. Tell her she doesn’t have a choice but to indulge in the ultimate Mother’s Day gift to herself: Auckland Startup Weekend – GUILT FREE.

We are so excited about the significant number of women coming to Auckland Startup Weekend – whether or not you are a mother. It’s great to see so many New Zealand women keen to Lean In. This certainly is shaping up to be the best Startup Weekend ever!