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Vend freaking loves Auckland Startup Weekend


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Tara Says:


Vend freaking loves Auckland Startup Weekend

New Zealand is no stranger to successful startups. In fact, New Zealand is a veritable hotbed, each new startup breaking new ground for the next round. As Vend founder and CEO, Vaughan Rowsell describes it, startups “mingle and collide with one another – in a good sense. Like any chemical reaction, you want particles to collide in order to make amazing things happen. More and more smart startups in close proximity make the serendipity of these particle collisions more likely. That’s when the magic happens.”

But how do you get started? How do you go from being that person with the amazing idea to that person with the amazing product or business? Because after all, you’re busy. You have a full-time job. And maybe a family. (And also hobbies, a Sky TV subscription, and an extraordinarily comfy couch.) It’s hard to find the time, energy and momentum to see that idea through to the front page of Wired Magazine. So we asked Vaughan to share his top three tips for starting up a startup. Read carefully.

1. Start.

2. Don’t stop.

3. Talk to everyone who will listen.

And that’s what Auckland Startup Weekend is for. You’ll get the chance to pitch your idea, be part of a team, and gain all the time anyone could need (54 hours? Plenty!) to create a workable business model. Your momentum will be propelled by a strict deadline and there is never a shortage of energy or enthusiasm. You’ll start. You won’t stop. And you’ll have HEAPS of people who will listen.