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The Cutting Edge of Sharp Ideas: Auckland Startup Weekend


Startup Weekend Auckland May 10-12, 2013

 Sharpen up! Here is the chance to make dreams reality. It’s all on from Friday May 10, to Sunday May 12, Emirates Team New Zealand Building, 135 Halsey Street, Auckland Viaduct. The event kicks off a week of innovation events on the harbour.

If you aren’t part of startup weekend, you aren’t part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. If you have a sharp idea and you’re not at Startup Weekend, then you aren’t serious either. Startup Weekend is the number one resource, recourse, learning and development forum for sharp ideas. The event connects entrepreneurs, developers, designers and startup enthusiasts with mentors and resources. Throughout the course of this 54-hour do-athon, attendees will share opinions, form teams, and launch startups.

VIP Benefits

For VIPs the weekend is an opportunity to hear novel ideas pitched by the future CEOs, entrepreneurs and inventors of New Zealand. For the latter, Startup is the chance to pitch an idea in a safe and friendly forum, form a team, build a product and be concept validated all in 54 hours. Mentorship, investor awareness and networking are the weekend benefits no matter how well you do in the competition.

“As an investor, Startup Weekend gives me the opportunity to hear about ideas at the earliest stage. I’ve been to a few Startup Weekends where ideas pitched caught my attention and I have followed the progress of those startups with interest. This early stage opportunity is great for investors looking for fresh and innovative ideas. The Startup Weekend focus on collaboration often produces strong teams that make for more investable propositions all things being equal. Rudi Bublitz, Ice Angels.

Learning more than How-To

For entrepreneurs aspiring to see their dreams realised, Startup Weekend offers a lot more than just sage advice (although they do give that too). The ethos behind Startup Weekend is unlike any other entrepreneurial incubator or lesson available anywhere. Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to learn how to take concept to market for sure, but perhaps more importantly the Weekend will require participants to take multiple perspectives.

Mentors have expertise in market validation, prototyping and design, and the skills required to look outside of individual perspective. Participants can see their ideas from another point of view; gather toward a common goal in a community that embraces collaborative culture regardless of individuality. These skills are critical to entrepreneurial success and to the overall success of innovation and development in the world. Startup can sharpen you and your concept in readiness for the world in more ways than you may think. Entrepreneur and Startup Weekend participant, Mui Leng (Rebecca) Goh puts it this way,

“Startup Weekend is a diverse community of high-energy activity, where I was impressed by the commitment of the mentors – some of whom I’ve remained in touch with since. It’s a realistic fast-forward catchment environment to nurture start-up collaborations around the world.”

This is the third Startup Weekend hosted in Auckland and it’s gearing up to be the most exciting. Leading Innovation Week forward, Startup Weekend is poised to attract more amazing keynote speakers, more incredible mentors, more fantastical entrepreneurial ideas and you won’t believe who they’ve got lined up to judge this event.

And the Winner is…

After a fiery, mind boggling, grueling in a hurts-so-good-kinda-way weekend, egos and teams will be assuaged with kudos! Sponsors and prizes are firmly in place and promise exciting opportunities to participants.

Auckland Startup weekend kicks off with pitches on Friday night, May 10, and after an intense 54 hours, ends on Sunday evening with final pitches and prizewinners announced. If you’ve never done this before the organisers say not to worry, there will be plenty of prep info on the Startup Weekend website and at the end of the day, this weekend is about learning so don’t worry about what you don’t know – yet.

Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend™ supports the development and expansion of entrepreneurship through events worldwide that educate aspiring entrepreneurs by immersing them in the process of moving an idea to market. Startup Weekend has built a network of more than 75,000 alumni, thousands of volunteer organizers and 100 trained facilitators spread across more than 300 cities in 100 countries.

Kauffman Foundation, Google, Microsoft, .Co, Sendgrid and Cloudmine are global sponsors. Startup Weekend in New Zealand is proudly sponsored by: Massey University – Fostering business innovation and startup success, Microsoft BizSpark – Free access to software & cloud resources, Xero – Beautiful accounting software, perfect for startups; TradeMe – Where Kiwis buy and sell, BNZ – Award winning products and services for startups.

Adding to the excitement, RadioLIVE’s popular weekend programme Sunday Business, presented by Andrew Patterson, will broadcast live from start-up weekend on Sun, 12 May between 11am and midday.

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