Topics that will Rocket you ahead


It’s 5 days until Auckland Startup Weekend 2.0 launches, and I am getting very excited!

For the next five days we will be holding some discussions online and releasing lots of resources that you will find useful for the event itself.

Here is a preview of this week’s topics:

  • Monday: Pitching. How do you win hearts and minds?
  • Tuesday: Team Formation. How do you form a killer startup team?
  • Wednesday: Lean Startup Methodology. What is a process that works?
  • Thursday: BHAGs. Setting goals that change the world?
  • Friday: Presentations to investors. How to deliver the “killer” pitch.

Keep an eye out for discussions at #entrepchat and please get involved.

We have some pretty kick ass mentors attending Startup Weekend. Check them out here and watch the blog for more info on each mentor. Here are a few articles they have written for Unlimited Magazine recently:

  1. Auckland startups need collaboration, not isolation
  2. Does design drive your startup?
  3. Starting up in a world of uncertainty
  4. Lawyers and the mythical startup

Can’t wait to see you there!

What?!?!?!?! Haven’t got tickets yet? Get going now….click here