Managing Finances Sucks! Well, Did…


If you’re anything like me (and I’d hope you’re not) managing your finances (both personally and professionally) is hard and unforgiving. It always seemed easier to keep my head in the dark than face reality – until I had my ass kicked by Francois Bondiguel, co-founder of Pocketsmith, a web-based finance service built down in Dunedin.

When Francois heard that we were running a Startup Weekend in Auckland, he was in! They (him and the team) pulled together and have decided to offer EVERY PARTICIPANT, yes, every participant a free 6 month Premium Account and the winning team: 12 months Super Account for each of the members. Woop!? very much so!

PocketSmith is a personal finance service, utilizing a web-based calendar that forecasts users’ future cash positions. No financial planning applications to date make the direct link between future dates and financial transactions.

PocketSmith’s unique approach has global appeal – today we have more than 15,000 users in over 100 countries and our web-application has seen it favorably reviewed all over the world, including popular tech blogs TechCrunch, Lifehacker and Springwise.

Thanks for being party of the party guys!